About Us 

My Story 

Body Balance was opened to meet the needs of those who want to treat and prevent their skin problems in a friendly and relaxed environment. I work exclusively with experts in the field to make sure my customers receive only the best care. 
Beauty starts with skin, and Body Balance took a vow of making sure all my customers feel more beautiful and healthy after receiving our care. I offer various services, from chemical peels to facial waxing. However, I strive to always be aware of the latest innovations in the field and make them available to my customers. My custom service is flawless because I respect my clients and their time. Body Balance is a temple dedicated to amazing and healthy skin, and everyone is invited to find out more about my services.
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Why Choose Us 


I am passionate about my work and open to innovation in the field.

Best price/quality ratio

My mission is to provide quality skin care services for the best prices. Everybody deserves flawless skin and a boost of confidence.


I am always here for my customers, respecting every appointment and making sure that each customer is treated with respect.

Best Professionals

I am an expert in skin care, ready to listen to your skin problems and provide you with the best solutions.