Body Balance

 All you need to feel beautiful is great skin and a red lipstick!­­

Body Balance

All you need to feel beautiful is great skin and a red lipstick!

Why Choose Us 

Body Balance provides quality and innovative skin care treatments. I am dedicated to helping customers feel good in their skin.



I am passionate about my work and open to innovation in the field.


I am always here for my customers, respecting every appointment and making sure that each customer is treated with respect.

Best price/quality ratio

My mission is to provide quality skin care services for the best prices. Everybody deserves flawless skin and a boost of confidence.

Best Professionals

I am an expert in skin care, ready to listen to your skin problems and provide you with the best solutions.

Our facial waxing experts use only natural and high quality wax to make sure your skin will be perfectly smooth and irritation free. 
Anti-acne Facials 
Anti-acne Facials 
If you have acne problems, we recommend you to try our anti-acne facials, gentle for your skin, but merciless when it comes to acne.